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Here are the six bloggers who wage Jubilee’s online wars

Jubilee party has in its ranks a number of online mercenaries who constantly defend the government and engage in bare-knuckle fights with Nasa bloggers.

Some of Jubilee’s bloggers have secured plum formal jobs in governments.

We discuss here who they are and the social media following that they enjoy.

1. Dennis Itumbi
He is Jubilee’s number one blogger and now a director of digital communication in State House in charge of the digital and diaspora communication docket.

Itumbi often pens what he terms as facts in defence of Jubilee government. He enjoys over 440,000 followers on Twitter and over 136,000 on Facebook.

2. Pauline Njoroge
She was the one who leaked photos of the arrest of NMG journalist Walter Menya. She has over 17,000 followers on Twitter and over 62,000 on Facebook.

3. Robert Alai
He is the guy who changed camps and now fights his former boss Raila Odinga with all his online might.

He has over 720,000 followers on Twitter and over 270,000 on Facebook.

4. Gordon Opiyo
He enjoys over 20,000 followers on Facebook. He is however not as popular on Twitter with only 400 followers.

5. Jane Kogi
She calls herself the 37th blogger and has over 7,000 followers on Twitter and over 13,000 on Facebook.

6. Polycarp Hinga
This self-confessed information activist enjoys a following of over 22,000 on Facebook and over 19,000 on Twitter.