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Blogger’s viral story on woman who cheated on hubby with four men divides people

By EDDY KAGERA February 14th, 2019 2 min read

A blog post by popular blogger Bikozulu narrating the heartbreak of a man whose wife cheated with four men has divided opinion.

Titled Stranger Overnight, the story is about a man who busted his cheating wife and after DNA, discovered that his wife’s last born daughter was sired by one of the men.

The woman, whom he separated from after the startling discovery, had even been extorting school fees from the baby daddy even though her husband had been paying for the same.

However, while some people felt moved by the man’s pain, others said it was just a case of the shoe being on the other foot.

The latter argued that men have been cheating on their women for years and society urges them to pray for their marriages.

Some also took issue with Biko’s writing, claiming he had supported violence against women.

Those who supported the author said:

Those who criticised him said: