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Blunder! Preacher Kathy Kiuna suffers makeup fail – VIDEOS

By NAIRA HABIB January 17th, 2018 1 min read

City preacher Kathy Kiuna has come under harsh criticism from Kenyans online after posting pictures of herself flaunting her makeup.

Kathy Kiuna took to Instagram to brag about her makeup artists for doing such a good job on her face. She even urged her followers on social media to call them if they wanted a good beat face.

“Amazing makeup artists please call them,” captioned Ms Kiuna.

But some netizens were skeptical, concluding that the makeup was a bit too much. Here are their comments.

“Honestly that make up not good,” said dafronflora.

“Too much make up,” wrote nyambura.d.

“Makeup jameni hapana,” added dafronflora.

“Khai mum hii makeup ya leo dahhhhhhh!” commented marynyakeo.

“Thanks for that word but that make up betrays you,” said felistawangui.

“Face painting,” wrote gianna_purity.

“Punguza makeup,” said esther_mbaya.

“True she looks funny,” added iamevejoy.

“The makeup is bad,” said liz55chelsea.

“Huyu nah ii makeup atafukuzwa binguni aki,” said Rozan Mulama.

“Khai who did this to mum,” asked Mary Muasa.

“Looks like she left before makeup session was over,” said Cathryn Musyoka Carol.


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