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Bobi Wine stages dramatic ‘escape’ from police who laid siege on his home – VIDEO

Ugandan politician Robert Kyagulanyi popularly referred to as Bobi Wine has dramatically ‘evaded’ a police dragnet laid out for him at his home in Kampala.

Bobi Wine had on Wednesday morning said on Twitter that the Ugandan police and military had surrounded his home in Kampala with the aim of barring him from hosting an Independence Day concert.

The siege came a day after police announced that the planned concert had been cancelled for security reasons.

But an amateur video shared by NTV Uganda on Facebook, showed Bobi Wine is seen jumping onto a moving motorbike in a crowded street and speeding off amid cheers.

In the video Bobi Wine is dressed in a white shirt and his trademark red beret, which was recently banned by the government.

“I can confirm and as you can see on Facebook feed that he managed to leave his home. The police should leave that home because the person they are guarding is not there,” said Joel Senyonyi, who is a confidant of Bobi Wine.

But police spokesperson denied that Bobi Wine had escaped, instead claiming that the musician left his home and the police are monitoring his movements.

“It is not true he escaped from us. We let him go,” the police spokesperson said.

Bobi Wine is widely perceived as President Yoweri Museveni’s biggest threat ahead of the country’s general elections in 2021.

Political analysts suggest the move to bar him from holding music concerts is aimed at crippling him financially.