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Bobi Wine vows to challenge Museveni at whatever cost after being released

Uganda’s presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly referred to as Bobi Wine, has been unconditionally released from police custody.

Speaking after being released, a defiant Bobi Wine said that nothing will hold him back from running against President Yoweri Museveni in next year’s presidential elections.


“Our challenge is we are dealing with a government that does not respect the law. We are telling President Museveni and his police to respect the law and the ground should be levelled. We are taking you on in 2021 and we are winning,” Bobi Wine said.

The singer-turned-politician, who is a Member of Parliament, was arrested on Monday morning in Kampala in a day of high drama and detained at various police stations in the country’s capital until late in the night when he was let go.

He was arrested as police blocked a public participation event he had planned to hold in Kampala.


Following his release, Bobi Wine also announced that he has postponed the next phase of public participation which were planned for Gulu Town, in the northern part of the town.

“We are not going for the Gulu consultation meeting today. This is because we have to make sure our arrested colleagues are out. Our Lira (town) consultation meeting is on because we have met all the guidelines,” he said.

Ugandan authorities hold the position that Bobi Wine has not met all guidelines to stage a public event.

“Although Robert Kyagulanyo claims he met all the legal requirements for public consultations, the provisions of the Public Order Management Act, which deal with the conduct of public meetings and assemblies, were not fully met,” the police said in a statement.