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Boda boda association distances itself from knife-wielding motorbike gang

The Bodaboda Association of Kenya (BAK) has distanced itself from criminal activities carried out by some Bodaboda riders saying that the individuals are not registered with them.

According to BAK chairman Kevin Mubadi, there have been increased cases of riders robbing members of the public, especially within the CBD.

The few suspected of the criminal acts, he says, are not members of the association.

“We would like to state that not all riders on the road are members of BAK. Their motive on our roads is not supported by BAK. All members of BAK work from specific stages which are controlled by their duly elected chairmen, who keeps all their personal records and that of the motorcycle,” Mr. Mubadi said.

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“We have received with great concern of cases of some riders robbing members of the public, especially within Nairobi CBD. We would like to state categorically that those suspected are not members of BAK.

We are ready and willing to continue working closely with the agencies involved in sharing relevant information that will continue leading to their arrest. We are ready to work with Interior CS in streamlining the sector on matters of security and safety,” he said.

In March, Kenyans expressed their anger on various social media platforms after a video of a young woman harassed by Bodaboda riders went viral.

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A young woman driving a silver saloon car was allegedly involved in an accident with one of the Bodaboda riders on Wangari Maathai Road (formerly Forest Road), prompting outrage.

A one-minute video captured a crowd of Bodaboda riders following the silver car shouting ‘Come Out’.

In the disturbing video, the woman was screaming and struggling with the rowdy young men attempting to yank her out of the car. The shirt dress she was donning was torn, exposing her inner-wear.

Subsequently, 16 suspects were arrested, and five motorcycles were impounded in connection with the attack on the motorist.

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