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Boda boda operators kill three elderly women over witchcraft suspicions

Boda boda operators on Tuesday hacked to death three elderly women in Dera village, Kilifi County, on suspicion of killing their colleague through witchcraft.

The rowdy operators claimed their colleague, 22 year-old Khamis Kadondo, had mysteriously died on Monday hours to his traditional marriage ceremony that was to be held in the village.

Kilifi OCPD Alexander Makau has confirmed the four deaths

“It is true, we have lost four people in a span of two days. There was a young man who drowned when he went to wash his motorcycle at Kashuru dam. The boda boda operators claim the elders had a hand in the death of their colleague and that is why they have raided their home and killed them this morning,” said Mr Makau.


The OCPD added that three more elderly residents targeted for elimination by the boda boda operators were rescued by police.

“We are in control of the situation at the moment. The youths had listed seven people for elimination today but our quick response has saved the situation. We have three people whom we rescued and are currently at the police station,” said Mr Makau.

The three killed in broad daylight were Kahindi Silaumu 65, Pola Tete 58 and Kamali Dulo 60.

An eyewitness who declined to be identified for fear of his security, said the deceased boda boda operator had decided to wash his motorcycle at the dam before heading to the traditional marriage ceremony when he collapsed and drowned.


“He is a well-known motorcyclist and was going to marry on Monday evening. He passed by the dam to wash his motorcycle but drowned. Moments later, the news spread that there were seven witches who had planned his death. That is why they raided the villages and started killing them,” said the witness.

Mr Makau said a multi-agency team had been dispatched to the area for possible arrest of the perpetrators.

“We have increased our security patrols in the area considering the sensitivity of the matter. We have also a team of our officers from the multi-agency who are combing the area for a possible arrests,” said Mr Makau.

A resident said one of the elderly women had confessed to bewitching the young boda boda operator moments before she was hacked to death.

“Before her death, one of the victims said she was in the team of seven witches who had bewitched the boda boda operator. The angry operators then killed her in a broad daylight,” said the witness.

Elderly killings on suspicion of witchcraft allegations in the county have been on the rise in Kilifi county.