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Busted boda boda rider whipped by high school lover

A video has gone viral online of a high school girl and a boda boda rider punishing each other after they were busted having sex.

The location of the undated video remains unknown.

In the video, the school girl is made to lie on the floor first and her rider lover given a cane to whip her.

The two love birds are only dressed in their inner wears during the punishment session, as elderly Dholuo-speaking men bark instructions.

The men in the room tell the boda boda rider to whip the girl hard enough, but the love-struck man just gives her light strokes.


The boda boda rider’s turn comes and the school girl is unforgiving. She viciously whips him as the spectators urge her to thrash his butt, back and legs hard enough.

The school girl is occasionally roughed up by a man standing behind her when she fails to beat her lover hard enough.

At some point, she is asked who between them had approached the other for sex and she quickly responds that it was the boda boda guy who asked her first.

She goes on beating up the bodaboda rider as instructed while the watching men cheer her on.

Nairobi News can not publish the video due top its graphic content.