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Bodaboda rider accused of speeding of with Sh1200 petrol bill – VIDEO

A bodaboda rider who fuelled his bike at a city petrol station and sped off without paying before he was arrested fleeing pleaded guilty to charges of obtaining goods by false pretenses.

Bob Atandi Morara admitted that he fuelled at Shell Petrol station along Forest road in Westlands sub-county, Nairobi knowing he was not in a position to pay for the 9.2 litres of petrol worth Sh1,200 on October 28.

He was arrested by bodaboda riders who gave chase and caught up with him as he sped away after the petrol station attendant raised an alarm.

The court heard that he was apprehended back to the station where he was given time to pay but he did not have the cash. He was handed over to Parklands police station.

Morara said the charges were true but disputed the facts of the case as read out by prosecution counsel Robert Ogallo and he was presumed to have denied the charges and a plea of not guilty was entered for him.

He was freed on a cash bail of Sh30,000 and an alternative bond of Sh100,000.

The case will be mentioned on November 12.