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Bodaboda rider charged over armed robbery in Kasarani

By Joseph Ndunda December 25th, 2020 2 min read

A bodaboda rider said to be among four men who raided a couple’s home in Kasarani while armed with crude weapons and robbed the couple of cash and mobile phones before transferring money via M-Pesa is facing armed robbery charges.

Ian Nganga Kinyanjui is accused of robbing Perter Gikonyo Kamau and his wife Tabitha Wanjiku of their property during the 2am incident at Njathaini village jointly with others who are still at large on December 18 while armed with metal bars and knives.

Kinyanjui is accused of robbing Wanjiku of Sh31,200 and a mobile phone worth Sh5,000 all valued at Sh36,200.

He is also accused of robbing Kamau of his mobile phones worth Sh16,000 and Sh1000.

Kamau’s cash was transferred from his M-Pesa to another number suspected to belong to Kinyanjui’s accomplice and more than Sh3,000 transferred from his wife’s M-Pesa.

The suspect and his accomplices are said to have broken into the couple’s house before one of them hit Kamau on the head with a blunt object inflicting a deep cut on his head.

While he lay down bleeding, they forced him and his wife to surrender their phones and M-Pesa pin numbers before tying their hands and legs separately.

The suspects also ransacked their house and stole electronics worth more than Sh300,000.

Kinyanjui was spotted by police along the Northern By-pass carrying one of his accomplices and some of the electronics stolen from the couple’s house at around 2pm the same day.

He was later traced and arrested at Njathaini village and some of the electronics stolen from the couple’s house were reportedly recovered from his house.

The suspect later led police to the house of one of his accomplices where more of the stolen items were allegedly found even as the accomplice managed to escape a police dragnet.

Kinyanjui denied the charges before senior resident magistrate Lewis Gatheru of Makadara law courts and was freed on a Sh500,000 bond.

The case will be mentioned on January 4 next year.