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Bodies of two varsity students found in suspected murder, suicide

Police on Monday were called by neighbours who raised concern over a foul smell emanating from a room rented by a Chuka University student at Makutano, Meru County.

However the police officers were met by two decomposing bodies believed to belong to two university students.

The said house is located near the Kenya Methodist University, Meru county campus.

The woman had visible stab wounds while the man’s body was hanging close to the bathroom.

The deceased young woman is believed to be a student at Kenya Methodist University (Kemu).

Police are still in the dark on what exactly transpired between the two students and an investigation has been launched.

In another bizarre incident, police in Kabartonjo, Baringo County, are investigating an incident in which a 15-year-old boy was found murdered and his eyes gouged out on Saturday evening.

Police said the Standard Eight pupil at Kasesya Primary School had gone to do menial jobs at a neighbour’s house early Saturday morning and after being paid in the evening, he reportedly headed to a nearby trading centre where he had been sent by another neighbour to deliver some animal feeds but he delayed.

The said neighbour then opted to track him down, only to find his body lying in a pool of blood on the side of the road.

Police are also investigating this mysterious death.