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Boinnet accused of ‘Big Man Syndrome” after launching boat named after himself

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has become the butt of jokes after he launched speed boats, with one named after himself.

On Wednesday, Mr Boinnet commissioned six new police patrol boats at the Maritime Police Unit in Kilindini Mombasa, which he said was part of the ongoing police modernisation programme.

“The boats will be used to patrol our coastal and inland water bodies to fight crime as well as respond to any emergencies,” he explained.

But what most people did not know, was that one of the boats has the name MV Boinnet emblazoned on it.

Human rights crusader Al Amin Kimathi noticed the self-praise.

Bemused Kenyans camped on the timeline to slam the IG.

“Back to the KANU era…naming even schools with one classroom after a big shot,” claimed David Ludogoli.

“The sickness in African civil servants to self immortalise is real. The big man syndrome. Something must be named after them for no reason,” added Ras Amani.

“Ni venye bundles zangu ziliresist… Had the same question, yaani over the hills and valleys of this nation there was no other name than MV Boinett. MV Teargas sounds better,” charged Kibet Sang.

But some came to his defence.

“He IMPLEMENTED idea..furthermore what’s wrong in naming boat after himself. Hurricanes in the US are named after first person who saw it.ok you’ve pinpointed the wrong, give us the RIGHT NAME.SOLUTION ?” said Ben Mogire.

“So petty r sam Kenyans, America has named almost all their aircraft carriers after their leaders, streets r named after leaders…smh!” added Gakobo‏.