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Bomboclaat: Internet finds new phrase after ‘o jewa ka eng’ and ‘sco pa tu manaa’

By Hilary Kimuyu October 12th, 2019 2 min read

If you’ve been on the Internet in the last 48 hours, you may have spotted a common phrase pop up in a lot of tweets.

The phrase is ‘bomboclaat’. This phrase, which replaces “o jewa ka eng” and “sco pa tu manaa”, appears in a lot of conversation in seemingly unrelated content.

The phrase has left people dumbfounded.

According to Urban dictionary, bomboclaat is an expression used much by Jamaicans in time of anger and is common in Jamaican speech and through the reggae.

Uganda singers Jose Chameleone and Weasel in 2012 produced a song titled Bomboclaat, three years after Jamaica’s Elephant Man dropped another song with the same title.

But on Twitter, it has been used to evoke reaction from tweeps on various things. This is where a user uploads a picture and captions it: “Bomboclaat.”

People who see it then retweet with a comment, sharing thoughts on what they feel the picture represents.


Before bomboclaat, o jewa ka eng, a South African phrase for “what is it that is bothering your soul?” trended globally. Innumerable tweets were sent with people pouring their hearts out. Many benefited from the trend by getting jobs or hospital funds.

A while later, Twitter adopted the phrase “sco pa tu manaa”, which means “what experience does this remind you of?”. Like in bomboclaat, people responded to pictures with their thoughts.

Here are some examples: