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Bomet governor Hillary Barchok blames Raila for high cost of living

Bomet governor Hillary Barchok has warned opposition leader Raila Odinga against lecturing President William Ruto on the high cost of living.

In a media address, Barchok argued Mr Odinga should be the last person to discuss the state of the economy as he reportedly was instrumental in bringing it down.

Barchok also explained that President William Ruto’s regime was barely six months in office and should not entirely be blamed on the high cost of living.

“Give President William Ruto time,” said Barchok.

The governor claimed the handshake between former president Uhuru Kenyatta and Mr Odinga was the cause of the economic downfall.

“Raila should not lecture us. The government inherited problems created by the past government,” he added.

The comments came just a day after Odinga declared nationwide mass action following the elapse of the 14-day ultimatum he gave to Ruto to tame the high cost of living.

Prices of various commodities in the country have been so high with a majority struggling to put a meal on the table.

The high cost of living has been caused by the increase in fuel prices, weakening Kenyan shilling, increased taxes, prolonged drought, and the repayment of our government’s foreign loans.

Odinga on March 9, 2023, declared a nationwide mass action while accusing President Ruto of making promises he could not keep.

“We declare the official start of mass action to lower the cost of living and address the economic issues. On the other hand, over-taxation by this illegitimate regime is killing businesses. Considering these, Ruto must go,” declared Mr Odinga, who was clad in jungle-like fatigue.

“We launch a campaign of defiance of peaceful picketing, peaceful protests, boycotts, strikes, disobedience, peaceful petitions, peaceful sit-ins and peaceful demonstrations and it begins today and now,” added Mr Odinga.

A mega peaceful demonstration is slated for Nairobi on March 20, 2023.

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