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Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu reveals how success almost killed his marriage

By Sinda Matiko September 23rd, 2023 2 min read

It’s nice to imagine that a real life fairy tale is a possibility, that happy marriages exist and that couples can make it work, keeping their beautiful families thriving.

Possibly yes, but sometimes it’s never the case and especially when a couple is in the limelight. That could be the case for business couple Simon Kabu and his wife Sarah Kabu.

Having saved his marriage from falling to pieces last year, Bonfire Adventures CEO, Simon Kabu, famously known for his ‘Jambo Jambo’ slogan, has opened up on his experiences.

According to Mr Kabu, sometimes success in a couple’s life may cause harm to their very marriage.

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“As you grow together and become successful, success becomes a thorn to marriage because of the new challenges that emerge. For instance, you will get new friends who might have a different influence on you,” Mr Kabu said.

He also explained that with success, couple also get to a place where they can afford to own more.

“If you lived in a sizable house, now you can afford one with more rooms and each of you start spending more. As time goes you find yourselves spending more time apart than before when you didn’t have much. That affects communication because you are no longer always together as before. It’s the little things about success that can be a deal breaker in marriage,” Kabu explained.

It’s for these reasons that Mr Kabu advises couples to never break away from their old norms that glued them when they become successful.

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“Even if you can now afford several cars, you should still continue riding in one, unless it is very pressing. Always striving to stay in each other’s company is key. I travel with my wife wherever I go,” he said.

Besides communication, Mr Kabu said couples should always be ready to forgive each.

“Always ready to forgive your partner. Don’t get into marriage with a formed opinion that your partner won’t trip, we all do.”

Last year Mr Kabu’s wife, Sarah, revealed on social media that their marriage was on the rocks.

At the time, Sarah claimed that her marriage had become toxic and that she wanted a separation as she was no longer comfortable in their 14 year old union.

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