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Bongo rapper Nay Wa Mitego trash-talks Joho and Anerlisa in his new distrack

By Thomas Matiko October 25th, 2019 2 min read

Tanzanian hard-hitting rapper Nay Wa Mitego has launched a scathing attack on Mombasa’s Governor Ali Hassan Joho and Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai for misleading Bongo flava stars who are no longer doing ‘good’ music as before or rather not at all.

In his newly released distrack single Ipo Sawa, Nay, who is known for courting controversies with his lyrics, goes ham on several bongo flava artistes whom he claims have fallen by the way side because of one reason or the other.


He calls them by names as he tries to remind them of what they used to be before – a force to reckon with.

In the song that has caused a buzz in Tanzania, Nay appears to suggest that Ommy Dimpoz no longer does good music as before since he is been brainwashed by opulent lifestyle facilitated by Joho whom he is very close to.

He derides Ommy on how easily he has been ‘manipulated’ by Joho who gifted him with an expensive ride that he has been bragging about, yet the same car was once gifted to socialite Huddah Monroe by the Governor.

“…001 boss toka Kenya gari ulilompa Dimpoz bro si ndio lile ulilomhonga Huddah,” one line in the song goes.

Nay also takes on RnB singer Ben Pol, who is currently engaged to Anerlisa, telling him he has become a shadow of himself since getting hitched to his Kenyan girlfriend.


In his narrative, Nay feels Ben Pol is the ‘lady’ in the relationship, arguing that the singer has forgotten all about music and all he does is floss with Anerlisa.

“…Ganda la ndizi kalifuata Ben Pol kasahau muziki kaolewa 254, zimebaki mbwembwe tu kikweli mwana ameyumba” Nay goes on in the track.

The rapper also doesn’t spare singer Dogo Janja, whom since his marriage to Tanzanian actress Irene Uwoya collapsed he is yet to release a song.

“Njanjaro toka aachike ni kama kaacha muziki sijui stress za Uwoya ni mwaka hajatoa hiti.”

Word on the streets has it that after the failed marriage, Dogo relocated to Kenya and is being bankrolled by a rich sugar mummy in Nairobi.