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Bongo star who was in a coma for 9 days reveals how Joho saved his life

Bongo flava musician Ommy Dimpoz, who has been missing in action for the last few months, has thanked Mombasa’s Governor Hassan Joho for saving his life after undergoing a major throat surgery that put him into a coma for nine days.

The Hello Baby hit maker has been recuperating in Sandton, South Africa for the last two months since undergoing the delicate surgery.

In his first interview since the surgery, Dimpoz recalled how he noticed he had difficulties swallowing food or any drink during Alikiba’s wedding in April in Mombasa.

“Governor Joho noticed that I was having problems swallowing food during Alikiba’s wedding in Mombasa. I could barely swallow anything. He offered to take me to his personal doctors for checkup,” a frail looking Ommy disclosed.

After the checkup, the governor’s personal doctors realized Ommys’ conditions was a very serious one and advised him to fly to South Africa for specialized treatment.


With the support of the flamboyant governor and Alikibas’ recording label, RockStaar 4000 Management, fund were raised and Ommy was able to fly to South Africa for the treatment where he has been since.

Ommy says before the operation he was briefed of how dangerous it was and he wasn’t so sure whether he would come out of it alive.

He narrated how the operation, which was to rectify his esophagus all the way from his throat, took over 12 hours and despite being successful he was left into a coma.

“When I woke up, I was informed I had been into a coma for nine days. It was a major operation all the way down to my stomach and I thank God I am alive. I’m also very grateful to Governor Joho and Alikiba,” Ommy said.

The singer went on to reveal that once he is discharged, he plans to fly to Mombasa to recuperate there until such a time when he will recover fully.