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Boni Khalwale shares family planning tip that works for his polygamous family

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has excited the online community after sharing his preferred method of family planning among his wives.

A curious tweep had engaged the polygamous politician on how he can be having a daughter who is doing her PhD studies at the university, while other of his children are still infants.

“You mean you have a daughter doing PhD, some in Secondary (Frm 1,2…4) and yet some are infants. You have a crusade,” asked Bernard Mc’Otieno.

Mr Khalwale promptly replied to him saying; “Proudly so! If u ever sat in a fertility clinic and listened to, then looked at the anguish of grief of childless couples, u would understand why.”

His answer however did not satisfy the tweep who probed further.

“I’ve not said it’s bad to have children but just wondered how you have a child doing PhD and a child as young as the boy you posted his pic playing with toys the other day!” replied Bernard Mc’Otieno.

It is here that the politician revealed his secret method of family planning.

“Hehee! We call it family planning by spacing method,” said Mr Khalwale.