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Boni Khalwale heckled in Kakamega over tax debate

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale is facing scrutiny for his apparent double standards over his move to support President William Ruto’s proposed tax increament while sharing his reservations about the controversial housing fund.

The seasoned politician stirred debate with his vocal endorsement of President Ruto’s tax proposals, which the government says is aimed at generating crucial revenue for national development projects.

A section of Kenyans on social media view him as a staunch ally of the president, advocating for tax reforms as necessary for fostering economic growth and stability.

However, during a funeral service on May 27, 2023, in his county, Khalwale was heckled as he attempted to defend the proposed tax increament.

He however stood firm, stating, “On the issue of taxes, you ought to know that whoever is telling you that taxes have been increased is misleading. The budget bill will be read next month. That is a fact,”

Meanwhile, the Senator has expressed reservations on the housing fund, becoming one of the first government-aligned lawmakers to cast doubt on the recently proposed initiative.

President Ruto has stressed the housing fund aims to address the pressing issue of affordable housing for Kenyan citizens but Khalwale has raised concerns about its implementation and the potential burden it may place on taxpayers.

Sharing his perspective, Khalwale stated, “My take is Kenyans who want to contribute towards this fund should be allowed to. Those not interested should be left to be.” These conflicting stances have left many questioning where the senator truly stands in terms of his support or lack thereof.

As per the fund’s recommendations, Kenyans will contribute 3% of their salaries towards a fund, with the amount doubled by the employer. The proceeds will be channeled towards building affordable houses for Kenyans in urban areas.

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