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Boni Khalwale scoffs at Azimio for ‘unacceptable and primitive’ protests

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has strongly condemned Wednesday’s anti-government, saying what happened was “unacceptable, ungodly, and primitive.”

Speaking on Citizen TV, the senator said meaningful discussions and debates should play a pivotal role in shaping the country’s leadership.

The demonstrations, which happened across the country, saw a considerable turnout as citizens took to the streets to express their grievances and demands.

However, Senator Khalwale firmly believes that resorting to protests alone is insufficient in effecting positive change. Instead, he said there is need for constructive engagement and dialogue to foster an environment where all voices are heard and accounted for.

“Yesterday’s demonstrations were a reflection of frustration and discontentment within our society. However, it is crucial that we channel our energies towards constructive discussions that lead to sustainable solutions,” Khalwale said.

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The senator, known for his unwavering stance on issues of national importance, said debates and discussions are the hallmark of a thriving democracy.

He argued that such platforms provide an opportunity for citizens, policymakers and stakeholders to engage in a meaningful exchange of ideas, challenge existing narratives and collectively chart a way forward.

“While protests have their place in society, they should be complemented by discussions that contribute to the country’s leadership. We need to create an environment that encourages robust debates, respects diverse perspectives and ultimately leads to well-informed decisions,” he said.

He further underscored the role of leaders in fostering an inclusive society, where the concerns of all citizens are given due attention. Senator Khalwale also called on fellow lawmakers, community leaders and citizens to actively promote a culture of dialogue, tolerance and understanding.

The senator’s remarks come at a critical juncture when the nation is grappling with several pressing issues, including socio-economic challenges and political reforms. In light of this, the need for productive and respectful conversations has become even more pronounced.

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As the nation takes stock of the recent demonstrations, Senator Khalwale’s call for constructive engagement resonates with those seeking lasting change and progress.

It is expected that his remarks will ignite a broader conversation about the importance of dialogue in shaping the country’s leadership and addressing the concerns of its citizens.

On Wednesday, more than 600 people were arrested and detained at various police stations in Nairobi during the anti-government protests. Across the country, atleast seven people shot and killed by the police while dozens were injured during the day-long protests.

Property was also destroyed as some of the demonstrators turned violent in some areas where the protests happened.

Nairobi regional police commander Adamson Bungei said the arrests were made in various places in the city. He said those arrested will be prosecuted in court.

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