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Boniface Mwangi calls out Nyege Nyege Kenya for brand theft

Activist Boniface Mwangi has called out the founders of Kenya’s version of Nyege Nyege festival for brand theft.

This even after the event organisers in a tweet stated that the Kenyan version of Nyege Nyege festival is not similar to the Ugandan Nyege Nyege Festival.

The event organisers also noted that Kenya’s edition of the festival was a separate event with its own identity and programming, while urging the media and event promoters to refer to the festival as Nyege Nyege Kenyan Edition so as to distinguish it from the Ugandan one.

“We have noticed potential confusion due to the similarity in names between Nyege Nyege Kenyan Edition and Nyege Nyege Festival Uganda. We want to emphasize the Nyege Nyege Kenyan Edition is an independent event and has no affiliation with Nyege Nyege Festival Uganda,” the statement reads in part.

But in response Mwangi said: “You shamelessly stole @NyegeNyegeFest brand identity.”

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Nyege Nyege festival is an annual event aimed at celebrating music in Africa and other parts of the world and is held in Uganda.

Last year, the festival was held between September 15th to 18th with more than 4,000 Kenyans reportedly crossing the border to attend the event.

Initially, the Ugandan Parliament had banned last year’s festival over concerns of ‘immorality’ presented by Tororo MP Sarah Opendi who argued that the event is a breeding ground for sexual immorality.

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“Parliament has stopped the ‘Nyege Nyege’ festival, an annual social event scheduled to take place next week in Jinja. Tororo Woman MP Hon Sarah Opendi says the event is a breeding ground for sexual immorality,” she tweeted.

The ban was eventually lifted as the Ugandan government asked all revelers attending the festival to refrain from sex orgies and nudity.

“Persons under the age of 18 are banned. Sex orgies and nudity, contraband or narcotic drugs, vulgar language, songs, expressions, and gestures are prohibited from the festival,” the government statement read.

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