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Boniface Mwangi in trouble after accusing taxi driver who returned his phone of attempted theft

April 25th, 2019 2 min read

Activist Boniface Mwangi was on Wednesday advised to take a chill pill after he accused a taxi driver who delivered his lost phone to his home of dishonesty.

Mwangi alleged that the driver had hit a dead end after attempting to sell it.

“I suspect he was looking for a buyer only to realise an iPhone with a broken screen and without my passwords has zero value. He brought it home today because carwash guys “found it”. Still greatful (sp),” he wrote on Twitter.

In the post, he attached a conversation with a taxi driver asking him if he had seen his phone in his car. The latter had said he had not, only to text back saying someone at the car wash had found two phones while washing the car.


The activist had earlier on Tuesday appealed to anyone who may have come across his phone to hand it back to him, promising a reward.

Mwangi’s followers did not take the accusations lightly with most calling him ungrateful after the driver returned the phone.

“Hunanga shukrani wewe…,” @msaniibutu said.

“If you are human as the rest of us, you will lose things again and next time someone may not bring it back to you for fear of character injury. Learn to accept things with thanksgiving without reading too much into human motive and character, you won’t find perfection there,” tweeted @kevorango.

“If your phone falls  on the back sit how now do you think he will realise he is not an angel and a simple question to you ,how many times do you check you back sits? and btw when you  get drunk make sure your phone is on your pocket,” added @daviy02.

@isanda_jnr commented: “Hii ni kuwa savage nayo!!! This guy could be truly innocent and on top of it amekurudishia. Be grateful sometimes manze.”

“You think everyone is out to get you, don’t you?” wondered @JoelKurenja.