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Liberate your minds! Boniface Mwangi lectures Kenya’s middle class

Civil rights activist Boniface Mwangi on Wednesday called out Kenya’s middle class as he lectured them on their life style.

The award-winning photographer, who never shies away from telling people the uncomfortable truth, wondered why at 5:30am there was traffic along Mombasa Road.

“Slaves heading to work! It’s 5:30am and there is traffic on Mlolongo heading to Nairobi city. Kenya lacks a reliable public transport system so every slave who gets a job applies for a car loan. The slaves also elect idiots from their tribe to lead them. Liberate your minds slaves,” Mwangi tweeted.

He blamed the early morning traffic on lack of proper and reliable public transport system which forces people to wake up early to beat the traffic.

“If there was reliable public transport system you would sleep longer, better and still be in your office on time. You have to wake up so early to beat the traffic,” he added.

While some agreed with his sentiments others were not happy to be lectured and called slaves.

Those who did not agree with Mr Mwangi.

Those who supported his sentiments.