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Boniface Mwangi roasted over Twitter rant on missed flight

By NAIRA HABIB December 15th, 2017 2 min read

Civil rights activist Boniface Mwangi became the butt of ridicule from Kenyans on Twitter after complaining of a delay at JKIA that cost him an early morning flight.

Mr Mwangi had ina series of tweets narrated how an Kenya Airport Authority employee had reneged on a promise to cut the line for to allow him proceed to the front.

“I have missed my flight because of @KenyaAirports employee went back on his word. I had checked in and l needed to drop off my bags before the cut off time. I explained to him and he allowed me to proceed to the front. A white guy complained and he sent me to the back of the queue,” he tweeted.

In his tirade Mr Mwangi expressed his disappointment at the airport employee who he says allowed himself to be ‘bullied’ by the other guy forcing him to go back on his word.

“It’s common courtesy for travelers to allow someone who is running late or have shorter connection time to proceed to the front. I have missed my flight because an airport employee was bullied by a random guy to go back on his word,” he said.


He added: “The missed flight has cost me money, an important morning meeting in Kampala and left me in a bad mood. I went back to that @KenyaAirports and explained to him, what his uniform means, authority and if he hadn’t gone back on his word I wouldn’t have missed my flight.”

After missing his flight, the former Starehe parliamentary seat aspirant went ahead to lecture the airport employee on the importance of self-esteem.

“No need. I gave him an earful. Told him to look me in the face because l don’t want him to ever forget what l am going to tell him. Self-esteem is important, he was afraid of a random guy and went back on his word,” he tweeted.

The thread elicited negative reactions from KOT, with most asking him to stop being a whiner since it was his fault for arriving at the airport late.

@PKimettoMetto said; “I think you are the problem here. What if everybody checks in late? You are not more important than others. Style up.”

@Georgejintao said; “Exactly, he should check on time…”ati look me on the face”..He has gone overboard. Airport sio stage ya kawangware. He ought to apologize to the employee..Hii ni ile raia hufutisha watu kazi na kiherehere.”

@VallencyOtieno commented; “You simply missed a flight because you were late. What you’re doing here is to try gang tweeps against.”

@kavunduh tweeted; “Stop whining. Manage your time better next time.”

@HOmondi said; “He was doing you a favor and you can’t blame him. Next time just do the right thing – check in early.”

@omolomoses1 said; “Courtesy requires that you should have requested those in the line to allow you catch your flight. You however went there with the Kenyan mentality that because you are an activist and a politician you are a VIP. Thank God, there was a bold man on the queue.”