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‘Bored’ Sonko turns to music as family enjoys vacation – VIDEO

Home alone Nairobi governor Mike Sonko appears to be stiff bored in his empty mansion with his family away in vacation.

In a Facebook post, Sonko has showcased his new solace by filming himself whiling away time by playing Whitney Houston’s famous hit I Will Always Love You on an LP turn table.

“Hao inaboo family iliishia holiday. It’s soul time mukoo nicome impromptu ni buy moja,” he captioned the video.

In yet another clip posted on Facebook, the governor is captured listening to a popular gospel track while reading aloud comments from his online followers.

The footage is shot from what appears to be the governor’s home office.

Sonko’s wife Primrose while on her last official engagement last week said she had to leave her children in Mombasa to come and enjoy an early Christmas party with rehabilitated street children.

The governor remained in the city and has been holding meetings with corporate and government agencies while giving updates on his beautification projects.