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Boy kills self after quarrel over sh100 gambling earning

A 13 year-old Standard Four pupil committed suicide after a quarrel over sh100 he had won in a gamble.

The boy from Chumani village, Kilifi County, committed suicide by hanging himself inside his room on Sunday evening.

The deceased Evans Kadenge, a pupil at Kararacha picked a quarrel with his uncle only identified Peter, 15, who had denied him his sh100 he had won in a cards gamble three days earlier.

His uncle refused to give the cash prompting a fight.

Kilifi OCPD Alexander Makau and Kilifi North Deputy County Commissioner Selina Maitha confirmed the incident.


“We have our detectives on the ground to ascertain what exactly happened. This is too much. We believe there is something more which needs to be unearthed over that death. It is very sad,” said Ms Maitha.

The DCC said that the government will hold public participation and community sensitization barazas following the increase in gambling and other illegal games in the area.

“We shall carry out barazas beginning this week to sensitize our people on these new dangers. Our investigation team will also carry out crackdown on illegal gambling that is quickly taking root to make sure that they are eradicated out of the county,” she said.

Mr Makau said police have already summoned the uncle of the deceased who is expected to shedlight on what transpired.

“We shall question him so that he can shed more light on what happened, and leading to the death of the boy. His statement will assist with our investigations because we strongly believe he has enough information concerning that death,” said Mr Makau.

Chumani location chief Maitha Thoya said the two had gambled three days ago with a promise that whoever wins would get Sh100. The deceased after playing won but his uncle refused to part with the cash.

“On Sunday evening, the deceased became infuriated by his uncle’s delay to give him the cash. They fought but the victim was overpowered and dashed to his house in a huff,” the chief said.

Inside the house, the chief said the young boy sent her little sister out to bring some water.

“The young sister returned only to find the boy hanging. He had hanged himself using a bed sheet,” said Mr Thoya.

Mr Makau said police visited the scene and took the body to Kilifi county hospital mortuary.

The incident comes only a month after a nine years old boy also committed suicide after losing a gamble in Mtondia.

The late Silas Kazungu, then a class two pupil at Mtondia primary school hanged himself in their bedroom after he failed to contend his anger after loss.

The boy was gambling using cashewnuts, in a game that whoever wins would take all the cashewnuts the other boys had. That is exactly what befell the young boy. He lost to the other players and he failed to get a refund, prompting him to leave the game crying in anger. Minutes later, he committed suicide.