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Boy,13, kills Class Two girl for rejecting sexual advances

The gloomy weather personifies the somber mood that has engulfed the home of single mother Pauline Wanjiru.

Several women are huddled inside the timber rented house consoling the mother of seven, following the death of her 11-year-old Class two daughter, killed in a macabre manner, allegedly by another minor – her schoolmate – a 13 year old boy whose sexual advances she had rejected.

The women were busy fanning firewood in makeshift kitchen inside the compound as they prepared tea for mourners streaming at the dull Kibuyu village, Magumu in Nyandarua County.

Some of the mourners were obviously lost in deep thought, probably trying to come to terms with a bizarre incident that has left the, hitherto, little known village in a trance.

Ms Wanjiru is still in a state of shock as she makes her way out of the singled roomed house. The agony of losing her daughter, Mary Nduta, too much for her to bear.

“I left my daughter accompany her neighbour and schoolmate to a nearby shop to purchase sweets. There was nothing untoward about this, they were used to each other,” she mumbled, fighting back tears.

The revelation is punctuated by deep silence.


Earlier in the day, she had woken up to her usual errands, as she earns her living as a casual labourer at the nearby farms.

“I felt uncharacteristically unhappy and restless but I brushed the feelings aside. I thought it was the normal fatigue,” said Ms Wanjiru.

It was a premonition, but she could not discern it. Less than 20 minutes after letting her daughter out of the house at around 7:15pm, neighbors came rushing back.

“They informed me that my daughter had been stabbed several times. I lost all my energy, I could not walk to the scene,” said Ms Wanjiru

Her daughter and her 13-year-old schoolmate at Githinji Primary School had sauntered to a nearby shop, less than 80 metres from their homestead for some purchase.

“They bought three cakes and five sweets and paid Sh20 to my daughter who was shop at the time,” volunteers a neighbour, Rachael Wambui Mwaura.

According to Ms Mwaura, after buying the goodies, they moved some few metres away for what they perceived was a normal chitchat. Nothing revealing.


“Few minutes later scream rented the air as the 11-year-old girl yelled for help, claiming she had been stabbed,” said Ms Mwaura.

The girl had been pushed to a hay farm by her assailant and stabbed six times after turning down the boy’s sexual advances. Trail marks of struggle were still evident.

Those who rushed to the scene found her bleeding profusely; she was rushed to a nearby dispensary before being referred to Naivasha for specialised treatment.

At the Naivasha sub-county hospital she succumbed to her injuries while undergoing treatment.

“All through, she kept mentioning the name of the assailant who was an immediate neighbor,” said the distraught mother.

Despite the trying times, Ms Wanjiru has found strength to accept apologies from the neighbor’s mother who is among those who are condoling her.

At the school where the two went to, children were happily engaging in their favourite pastime; probably too young to understand the happenings that has put the school into focus.

When Nairobi News visited the school Friday, the teachers were holed up in staff meeting. Teachers on duty were unwilling to discuss the issue.