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Shocking video of young boy’s ‘dirty talk’ with woman goes viral

An undated video of young boy and a woman engaging in a vulgar conversation has gone viral on social media.

In the video, the young boy, who looks not more than 12 years old, engages the woman, who is old enough to be his mother, in a very lewd conversation.

In the 80-second video, the two are seen seated outside a house speaking in Kikuyu.

However, it is the gross course of their discussion is shocking.


The woman is heard asking the boy some leading sexual questions which the minor casually responds to.

Although the whole scene seems stage-managed, their discussion is obscene, considering the boy’s tender age.

Here is how the conversation begins before it gets too obscene:

Boy: I am telling you, I want you!

Woman: Why do you want me and you are such a small boy?

Boy: Because you are beautiful from both the front and behind.

Woman: How can you see me and am seated down.

Boy: I see you at far.

When their conversation nears its end, the boy tells the woman that he wants to marry her.