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Brave 13 year-old girl helps father to snatch firearm from burglar

A brave 13 year-old girl on Sunday night helped her father snatch a firearm from an armed burglar in their house in Kaila village, Seme, in Kisumu county.

The suspect had broken into the house at around 9.30 pm when the man was in the living room.

The burglar pointed the gun at the man, before the young girl, who was in the kitchen, jumped on him to and tried to wrestle the intruder down.

“The father joined in the tussle to try and snatch the firearm from the burglar. Once overpowered, he dropped the firearm and escaped,” said Kisumu County Commissioner Mr Mohamed Maalim.

The girl’s father quickly alerted police who arrived at the scene and collected the firearm.

Mr Maalim said the recovered firearm was stolen in 2015 from an Administration Police Camps in the region.


The authorities have since launched a man hunt for the suspect.

Mr Maalim said they cannot disclose the identity of the father and daughter for their own security.

There has been growing concern on the high number of armed robberies in Kisumu. Last Saturday, police gunned down two suspected armed robbers in Obunga area.

A G-3 rifle carrying five rounds of ammunition was recovered from the suspects.

“We are trying to recover all these firearms from criminals and public participation in this has really helped and that is what we are encouraging,” said Mr Maalim.