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Brave journalist paid for heroic act with painful stings on ‘nether regions’

By DAVID KWALIMWA September 22nd, 2017 1 min read

The journalist who risked his life to rescue a disabled beggar from a swarm of bees in Nairobi’s CBD on Wednesday paid a curious price for his heroic act.

Victor Muyakane has narrated how he withstood numerous stings all over his body including “his private parts.”

“It was a painful experience. I couldn’t open my mouth to speak, the bees would get inside,” Victor Muyakane who works for Kenya Broadcasting Corporation told Nairobi News.

“They stung my lips, got inside my clothes and stung me everywhere, even my private parts.”

Apparently, Muyakane endured the deadly attack for a considerable amount of time before he finally delivered the disabled beggar to safety.


He then shifted his energies on saving himself, by rushing to and immersing himself into a pool within Supreme Court compound.

In photos that have since gone vital on social media, Muyakane is seen in full flight while carrying the wailing helpless lad – who still holding onto his begging bowl.

“He was very heavy. I just responded what God told me to do,” Muyakane said.

The journalist’s selfless action has earned him plaudits from Kenyans who were touched by his heroism. There have even been a holiday offer from Bonfire Adventures.