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Watch: Salon brawl as women fight over husbands

There was drama in a Nairobi estate when two women fought outside a salon attracting a huge crowd.

One of the women accused the other of backbiting her while she was accused of sleeping with the caretaker.

A crowd milled outside the salon as the two women tore into each other with all manner of insults.

One of the women held the other by the hair as bystanders urged her to let go and talk it out.

After minutes of a standoff, with one pleading that her hair is let go, a man intervened and separated them bringing the fight to a temporary end.


This paved way for a war of words as the each of the women accused the other of sleeping around.

One of the women started the discussions saying that the two started fighting when one said the other had a husband with a small manhood.

The statement excited bystanders as the other woman was asked if it was true she had made the allegation.

She turned the tables around and started accusing her friend of sleeping with the caretaker.

At some point, one of the women told the other she was at liberty to sleep around as she ditched her husband and only receives child support.

The woman then asked her accuser what her reason for sleeping around was seeing as she is still married to a truck driver.


The audience clapped and video taped the confrontation on their mobile phones.

One of the women tabled SMS evidence of the gossip that the other had been telling people about her.

A bystander read out the number on the SMS aloud and the crowd shouted towards the end of the read-out that indeed that was the other woman’s number.

Another woman, who is known to the two, confirmed that indeed the perpetrator had been gossiping about the other woman sleeping around.

The confrontation came to an end when the one who had been fighting her friend walked away leaving the other woman hurling insults at her.