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Police recover Wanyama’s Sh8m Range Rover

Police in England have recovered Victor Wanyama’s stolen Range Rover SUV, we can now exclusively report.

The Nairobi News had reported how robbers broke into the Southampton home of the Harambee Stars captain Monday night and stole property worth millions of shillings.

The thugs stole house accessories plus his top-of-the-range car valued at Sh8 million.

But the player has exclusively confirmed that police, with the help of a tracking system installed in the sports utility vehicle, have traced it to London, some 125km away from where it was stolen.

“The car has been recovered. Thank God. Thanks for the support and prayers from everyone as well.” the player said.

“The robbers accessed the house through the backyard, broke the window near my garden and got into the house. They stole the car, all my clothes and shoes, three large screen TV sets. I have nothing left.

“They ransacked the whole place and even found where I keep the car keys in my room. They then exited through the front window, which can be opened from the inside,” he added.

“All this happened when I was in camp with the team. I arrived back at 3 a.m. (6am Kenyan time, Tuesday) after the Aston Villa game. I was shocked to find the car was not at the parking bay. Then I saw all these (other stuff missing).

“I am still shocked beyond words. I called my team manager who came immediately and called the police. I am so shocked, I slept in a hotel. Now, I’m going for training and do not know what is next,” the former Celtic FC midfielder said.

We have not established whether other items stolen alongside the car have also been recovered.