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Police bust fake jobs cartel

By NJOKI CHEGE November 29th, 2013 1 min read

A woman is being held at Embakasi Police Station by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for allegedly recruiting over 250 people to work in Rwanda.

Police believe that she is part of a syndicate that is conning unsuspecting Kenyans with the promise of landing lucrative jobs outside the country.

According to some of the recruits, word went round in Embakasi Village that an international flower company- Danziger ‘Dan’ Flower farm- was looking for 300 workers to pack flowers in one of their farms in Rwanda.

The recruits were promised a monthly pay of Sh 70,000 tax-free and an annual leave of one month. Although the recruits had not yet paid any money as at today, the arrangement was that they pay Sh5,000 to the woman in police custody to cater for transport expenses to Rwanda.

Most of the recruits had no idea of exactly what part of Rwanda they were to go.

They were required to fill three forms; NHIF, NSSF and Jubilee Insurance forms as well as produce valid passports.

There was no mention of work permits or any work documents that might be required by the Ministry of Labour.

The recruits were filling out forms inside a single-room in one of the flats in Embakasi Village.

The single room belongs to the woman in police custody who is only known as ‘Mama Bridgit’.

She claims that she was only working as an agent for the company’s Human Resource Manager.DIC officers are currently looking for her alleged accomplice.

Interestingly, most of the recruits believe that this is not a scam and have even accompanied Mama Bridgit to the police station in their show of solidarity.