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Breast implant horror: Kenyan TikToker Abby Sellers shares post-surgery ordeal

By Winnie Mabel February 8th, 2023 2 min read

Kenyan TikToker Abby Sellers, on February 6, 2023, revealed that she had undergone emergency surgery to remove her breast implants after almost dying.

In the video recorded from her hospital bed after the surgery, she revealed that she had her implants for over five years and regretted having her breasts done in a video she captioned, “Please think twice before doing plastic surgery. I had mine over 5yes and I honestly regret.”

“I’m sorry; I will speak very quietly, very gently, because I’m in pain. First of all I want to thank everyone who tried to reach out to me on my social media.

I really appreciate your concerns. I have not been feeling well since last week. I know most of you know I had breast implants and one of them on my right side raptured.

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So it was an emergency I almost died but I thank God I’m ok. I had to go (to the hospital) so they can take it out and here I am,” said Abby as she showed her follower’s drainage pipes surgically attached to her gauze-wrapped chest.

She recorded the video on the second day of her hospital stay, saying she was experiencing extreme pain because the ruptured silicone implant had been removed.

“They did something called mastopexy (a procedure to raise and reshape sagging breasts). For those who have ever done (implants), they know when they take off the silicone, there is excessive skin sagging.

So they had to do that lift so I can have- more like I have silicone, but I don’t have – like have more firm breasts but without silicone. I feel sad for anyone who ever looked up to me and said they wanted to be like me.

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I ever heard people say they wanted to have the same microblading eyebrows or micro shading permanent lip balm or even boob job (as mine), but no one knows about tomorrow. I mean, it’s okay to look up to someone you like, but even for me if I knew one day I would be having this kind of pain, I wouldn’t have done it.

I thank God very much that it happened at the right place and at the right time. Many people have been concerned and loving towards me, so I’m okay. Please note that I’ll be out of social media for a while because I need to heal first…, and before you do any plastic surgery, please think twice,” concluded Abby Sellers.

Cosmetic surgery has been on the rise in Kenya with many celebs and influencers undergoing procedures to acquire the types of bodies they want. Aside from Abby, others include Kate Actress, Vera Sidika, Tanasha Donna, Risper Faith, Jackie Matubia and Kelvin Kinuthia among others.

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