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Brenda Wairimu: I hated my big lips

Actress and model Brenda Wairimu has for the first time opened up about her struggles with big lips.

In a throwback photo posted on her Instagram account, Wairimu recalls she had insecurities growing up because of the size of her lips.

She however points out incidentally that it is the size of the lips that landed her the first commercial modeling gig.

She went on to advise her followers to always remember where they started their journey.

“I hated my big lips growing up, they ended up being the reason I got this gig…there is a lesson in there somewhere. Remember the beginning…. Throwback to my first ever paid advert, years ago ” wrote Brenda Wairimu.

In the comment section, her fans includingt some celebrities shared what they hated about themselves in the past.

Nycewanjeri wrote, “I hated my eyes they are big and I was, aaah okey I am still slender now they are my asset in acting . Go girl thanks for this reminder.”

Dansonko posted, “Mimi na hii kichwa yangu kubwa kitu nimesumbua watu nayo ni kukuwa kichwa ngumu! Hehehehehe! I remember this advert. Hii watu tuliambiana wengi sana Cheers to Awesome Memories and to Continued Growth!”

Macharia_reggy said, “I knew the importance of big lips untill I travelled…white people envy them and they kept asking how much I did botox ..they are struggling to have big lips…and I become proud of them …they are my flex.”

Thetoydoctor1 added, “I grew up hating my big calves only to realise that guys import them and wear them with panty hoses. From then I rock my “masgwembe” unapologetically.”