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Brendah Jons ‘excited’ to quit toxic relationship

Comedianne Brendah Jons has opened up on how she was once forced to walk out of a toxic relationship.

Via her Instagram stories, the content creator adds she needed time to heal following the experience.

“I posted that video because I’m proud of myself. I felt happy when I edited the video because I felt I had won. I won and it was a moment for me,” she narrated.

This follows a previous video the comedienne had posted on her social media pages showing her transformation process from being heartbroken to glowing up in a matter of two months. “

This goes out to anyone out there who is in a toxic relationship and they don’t know what or how to go about it, I pray that you will remember your worth, I pray you will choose yourself and walk away without ever looking back.”

She adds that in as much as time heals, one needs to be proactive in the process. “I remember there’s a time on my YouTube channel I gave advice that you should never let anyone take you for a fool, well, it’s never that easy. There’s a place I got to where I also asked myself how is it that I tell people not to tolerate being taken for a fool yet I’m the one being taken for one,”

Ms. Jons further revealed that her former partner had led her to believe that she was going crazy which inevitably affected her productivity.

“But I got to a place where I could not tolerate anymore. I got to a place where I even wanted to go to a mental facility because this person had me believe I was actually crazy. So I got to a place where I said I won’t do it anymore. The moment your heart and mind are not okay, there’s nothing you can do,”

She added, “Two months ago I made the best decision in my life. During the first days, I was doubtful of my decision, but I decided I was done and walked away. I hope you say it’s over, it’s your time. You’d rather be single than be in a relationship where you cry every day.”