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Brian Chira: ‘Drunk’ witness speaks after viral NTV interview at scene of fatal Nakuru accident

By Winnie Mabel January 18th, 2023 2 min read

On the tails of a tragic road accident in Nakuru County’s Ngata Highway in which 11 people lost their lives in December 2022, a young Kenyan man gained internet fame for his witness statement on what occurred.

The incident involved a lorry from Eldoret to Nairobi and two public service vehicles headed to Kapsabet and Bomet.

The first witness to speak to the journalist became an internet sensation for his demeanor while giving his witness statement.

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As he was asked to introduce himself, before the reporter could complete her statement, the witness was already speaking…

“My name is Chira, I am called Brian Chira and I saw the whole accident. It happened that a lorry was coming up from the other side and there was a matatu. And then (he said after pausing, closing his eyes and smiling), suddenly, there were cries from people around, nduru nduru, and then we came out of the…so it happened that there were two ladies out of the matatu and they were beheaded. It’s tragic,” began Chira as those around him kept wondering and asking aloud what was wrong with him.

He went on to call on the government to build road bumps and create awareness of some sort before the reporter was asked to cut him off.

Chira had been incoherent for part of the interview and he went viral as people claimed it had to be a Brian (stereotypically called Brayo- a name for males known to have many issues) who would behave like that on live television.

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His video interview went viral as many spliced it and created meme videos and short music videos of him struggling to give his witness statement, others wondering why a drunk person could be relied upon to give a factual statement- one where he didn’t see how it happened but appeared after the accident had already occurred.

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His mannerisms were also called into question after his social media accounts were identified. Some wondered if he was a member of the queer community because he displayed feminine mannerisms in movement and speech.

Well, riding on this internet fame, Chira took it all in stride and used his new found fame to raise awareness about the Ngata Bridge and Highway; as well as road safety all around.

“I am called Chira, Brian Chira and you people laughed at me when I said the government should create awareness on this road. They did!

At least no more death when you’re on this road. At least, no more speeding. People died on that fateful day. That day you knew Chira, 11 people lost their lives! But we are glad the government did something. Yes,” said Chira on TikTok.

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Check out the TikTok.


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