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Brian wewe! Mumama laments after her Ben 10 cheats with a slay queen

By Winnie Mabel December 6th, 2022 3 min read

A mumama (often older, moneyed women) trended on TikTok after she lamented that her younger boyfriend, only identified as Brian.

She said he was cheating on her with a slay queen, a name commonly given to young girls who enjoy the money they do not have and often source it from moneyed men – young or old.

In the TikTok clip shared by Angel Wanjiku – a loyalty test vlogger, the mumama, Mercy, complained about Brian’s change in behaviour and demanded that they have their parents meet so that they can finally settle down after two years of dating.

“Where it has reached, Brian,” she said, “To the point, I have called Angel to come and listen to us so that I can know where we are headed- because where we have reached, I think I have been wasting my money (on you). ”

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Mercy narrated her heartbreaking tale.

“Brian and I were in a hotel. I had a meeting somewhere and then I went to the hotel. I’m a principal so we had a meeting and then I later met Brian at the hotel. He is an artist, we met and we liked each other.

From there, we just found ourselves as friends, nothing else. Moving forward, Brian came to me, we got together in a relationship and life continued. It never mattered about age or what, I loved him the way he is and he loved me the way I am,” said Mercy.

The older woman never thought that Brian was with her for her money because all he showed her was love from the very beginning.

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She also said that another woman named Lucy approached Brian when they were together in a relationship and that was when she began noting the changes in her man.

“If she had been suspecting Lucy and me, couldn’t we have talked about this in private instead of bringing me here? I was wondering why she kept telling me there was someone we are waiting for over here and didn’t tell me who it was.

You are the people she was calling. What is the need of advertising our business to everyone? We could have talked about this at home and we finish it,” said Brian when asked if he was cheating on Mercy.

The older woman revealed she had severally called Brian so that they could talk about things but he would leave when the conversations began and would pretend that he was busy with some work he attend to.

It was then that she decided to approach Angel, the host of the loyalty test vlog, to listen to them as she opened her heart regarding her misery.

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“The changes in him are breaking my heart so much because when we met, he had nothing and all my money used to go to him so that we could use it together and continue with our lives. But I have seen that Brian has changed,” lamented Mercy.

Brian then demanded to know if his woman had been calculating how much she had been giving him or had been doing it out of love. He said this as his woman lamented about his lateness in coming home, saying he had been coming from events.

“Events often happen at night. Mercy, what is wrong? When we started dating I was still coming home at this same time, sometimes even the following morning. You never had a problem with it,” interjected Brian.

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It was at this point that Mercy said that it was time for their parents to meet because her parents did not know him. She said it was time for their relationship to move to the next step and she wanted his parents to know her too.

Brian refused to take her home, claiming it was too soon for them to do introductions but Mercy said they had been together for two years and that there was nothing like too soon.

“We haven’t even dated a little like for four years. Two years is not enough. We have only been together for two years and you’ve already brought me to the media,” added Brian.

Mercy insisted that some couples dated for four months and married but lamented that Brian was changing his mind about them legally committing to each other. She said they were not dating in secret and there was no need for people to not know about them.

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