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British High Commissioner gets netizens curious with ‘State Capture’ tweet

By Amina Wako November 7th, 2019 1 min read

British High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriott on Wednesday left netizens confused with a rather peculiar tweet.

In her tweet Marriott indicated that she was at a restaurant in the UK enjoying pizza and a glass of tap water.

“Briefly back in the UK. Appreciating and enjoying a (gluten free – am coeliac) pizza, the privilege of tap water… and some Kenya reading, as the big issues continue to challenge us all,” she captioned the post.

But the said Kenyan reading is what left many Kenyans with more questions than answers on what she was driving at.

in her post, other than her partially eaten pizza and glass of what was copy of a report titled State Capture: Inside Kenya’s Inability to Fight Corruption.

Online users interpreted the tweet differently. Some only took notice of what the High Commissioner was eating and drinking.

Others paid more attention to the report.