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Briton suspected of killing Kenyan woman found fit to stand trial

The Briton who is being held in police custody on suspicion of shooting dead a Kenyan woman at his Karen residence has been found mentally fit to stand trial.

Mr Richard Alden, 53, will as result be charged with the murder of Ms Grace Wangeci, 42, on Friday. The suspect’s Glock pistol has been identified as the murder weapon.

The Briton was arrested on Saturday afternoon when he took the deceased’s body to Karen Hospital saying that she had shot herself.


In his statement, Mr Alden told the police that Ms Wangeci had accidentally shot herself while handling his pistol.

But according to police reports, the deceased had two gunshot wounds in the stomach and two broken fingers, injuries which they say are inconsistent with suicide and which suggest that she might have been assaulted.

The suspect’s plain statement and Charge and Cautionary statement has been recorded in the presence of his lawyers Cliff Ombeta and Tom Okundi.

However, Mr Ombeta dismissed defence lawyer Evans Monari’s earlier claims that the deceased was taking a ‘selfie’ with the suspect’s gun.