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Broke city rapper opts to relocate to the village

By Rajab Zawadi January 19th, 2021 2 min read

Broke rapper Majirani has decided to quit music and relocate to the village citing the unbearable Nairobi city life.

Majirani came into the limelight five years ago and released a couple of hit songs that shook the airwaves like ‘Tukumbukeko’, Hivo ndio kunaendaga’ just to mention a few.

At the time, he had been signed to Grandpa Records owned by veteran producer Refigah and the record label reportedly took care of his bills, majorly rent and clothing.

However, after the record label came tumbling down after witnessing a mass exodus of its top musicians led by Kenrazy and Visita, things changed for good.

Grandpa Records shut down for close to two years and when it resumed its operations in 2019 it had transformed drastically to major in public relations, marketing, branding and events.

With no one else to look up to, Majirani resorted to casual labour as he struggled to release new music that failed to ignite any fire in the fast-changing music industry.

A few days ago, a video of him breaking stones in a quarry in Nairobi County went viral forcing the former rapper to come out publicly to address his current tribulations.

“I came to Nairobi hoping life will change. After the management gave up, I had to get a house pay for it, struggled looking for a job. Last month my house got locked. It was when they shared that video of me working in a quarry breaking stones and now everyone is laughing at me,” Majirani stated.

He confessed that he has been living a fake life but has now decided to go back to his rural home to start afresh.

“I have therefore decided to quit (music), I will be releasing the last song at the end of this month. I came to entertain make money and help change my family’s financial situation but that didn’t happen. I won’t blame anyone for my woes in the game. I just wanna stop go back to the village, start from scratch and be happy,” Majirani added.