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Broke men being sought after for a special Valentine’s Day

A South African woman is looking for a broke guy to spend her Valentine’s Day with.

Nokwanda Nyandeni tweeted that everyone deserves happiness, adding that she is looking for a broke man who is willing to have a chilled out Valentine’s date with home-cooked meals and movies.

The 24-year-old graduate told Daily Sun that she made her decision to show people that unemployed men are also human.

“The guy must be in Joburg. I will go through his profile to see what he stands for. When I’m satisfied we’ll exchange numbers. I will pick one guy and I’ll reveal him on Twitter,” she said.

Nokwanda got men on Twitter saying how they were ready to tender resignations just to qualify.

“I got fired I’m jobless right now,” Sandile commented.

“I gave my job I am right here,” Labele San wrote.

“I’m sorta kinda broke right now. So what’s the deal?” Ed Caesar responded.

“I have just resigned from my job today in order to qualify,” Ramalisa wrote.