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Broke Wema Sepetu kicked out of posh home over rent

By THOMAS MATIKO November 12th, 2018 1 min read

‘Trouble’ could easily be Tanzanian actress and model Wema Issac Sepetu’s forth name.

Just days after she was arraigned in court for posting sexually explicit content on social media against Tanzanian laws, it’s been reported that Wema has been kicked out of her posh home in Salasala, Dar es Salaam over rent arrears.

According to several Tanzanian blogs, Wema was unable to pay for her rent.

Wema is said to have parked her belongings at night to avoid embarrassment before relocating back to her mothers’ house in Sinza, Dar.

It is also understood that besides being unable to pay the rent for the property, nosy neighbors were unhappy with some of her habits and thus vouched for her evacuation.

Neighbours who were anonymously quoted said the hated her way of life, of living with gay people in the same house, as well as playing loud music even late at night.

Wema was recently banned from acting for an unspecified period after she posted a steamy video of herself locking lips with her boyfriend.

She is expected to appear in court next Tuesday to plead to the charges. Wema denied the charges and was set free on a bond of Tsh10 million (Ksh440,00)