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‘Broke’ Wema Sepetu desperate to have her acting ban lifted

By THOMAS MATIKO December 15th, 2018 1 min read

Famous bongo movie actress Wema Sepetu has pleaded with Tanzania Film Board (TFB) to lift the acting ban that was recently imposed on her.

Wema was banned from acting for an unspecified period of time two months ago following the sexually explicit video she posted on her social platform.

At the time, the film board termed the video as being in contravention of Tanzanian morals.


But with speculation swirling around that the actor going broke, Wema has now come out publicly with a plea to TFB to lift the ban, saying she was losing many business deals and money as a result of the ban.

Wema said that since she depends fully on acting to make a living, right now she is can’t generate any income.

“Filamu ndio kitu ninacho kitegemea maishani mwangu. Tangu nimefungiwa nimekosa fursa nyingi za kazi ambazo zingetutangaza kimatiafa,” she said this week.


“Hivyo naahidi kuendelea kuwa na mwenendo chanya katika jamii pasipo kuharibu maelekezo niliyopewa na Bodi ya Filamu katika kuisafisha taswira yangu ambayo imechafuka,” she further pleaded with the board.

Last month there were reports that the actress had been kicked out of her posh home in Salasala, Dar es Salaam over rent arrears, forcing her to relocate to her mother’s house in Sinza,also in the Tanzanian capital.

The Tanzania Film Board however appears unmoved by Wema’s tribulations. The board said it will continue monitoring the actress.