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Broken promise? Kamene Goro still living the high life despite ‘pledge’ to rest

Celebrated radio queen Kamene Goro is not letting her lay off from popular radio station Kiss FM kick her down, and she has been showing up and showing out to prove it.

Following her leave from the Radio Africa-owned station having been replaced by celebrated media personality Sheila Kwamboka alias Kwambox, Kamene took it upon herself to set the record straight on speculations regarding her layoff. 

“It was my dream job and I want people to know that radio is not easy, people think radio is just talking. It definitely is not. I’ve grown a lot.

It has taught me a lot about my craft, my brand, how much I can do and all,” Kamene disclosed in an interview. 

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Kamene has been busy with other personal projects, hinting at a great comeback on her social media pages.

Despite her public statement that she would take a much-needed break and rest up, Kamene has been spotted several times at parties doing gigs since she dropped from Kiss FM.

“One of the things I am looking forward to is just leaving. I want to go by the beach, see Mt Kenya, kuishi tu,” said Kamene.

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Much unlike word that has been making rounds on the internet that the presenter was fired for negligence of duty, Kamene has been praised by her fans as a hard-working woman, which she further clarified by saying that leaving the radio station was her choice and not a consequence of her speculated actions.

During an interview with local bloggers, the radio personality confirmed that she is not yet done with radio. At the moment, she is simply looking forward to pushing forward her projects which she noted are aimed at helping quite a number of people. 

“It’s possible that you will get me on another station, but there are also other things that I will be launching that are very exciting and that I know will help a whole lot of people, and there are also various avenues I want to pursue for myself. I will get back on radio but maybe after I finish what I want to finish for my brand,” she said. 

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