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Brookhouse School allowed to resume virtual classes

Brookhouse Schools are set to resume online classes that had been opposed by a section of parents who protested demand for payment of full school fees.

In a ruling on Wednesday, Justice Weldon Korir set aside his initial order that had stopped the virtual classes being offered by the school.

Korir had granted ex-parte orders on April 30 and temporarily halted e-learning at Brookhouse and setting fees to be paid by parents at 50 percent as the case is heard.

The Wednesday court decision comes as a welcome relief to parents who wanted their children to continue learning online during the coronavirus pandemic period.

“Pending the hearing and determination of this case, order number 4 issued on April 30 be and is hereby varied to allow virtual classes resume for all kindergarten to Year Four pupils for those who wish to take part, and all parties undertake not to take any prejudicial actions against each other,” ruled judge Weldon Korir.

The Attorney General and the Cabinet Secretary for Education are yet to file their responses in the case but have been allowed to do so within 14 days.

The court will hear and determine whether to enjoin a faction of parents who are supporting the school’s plans to continue offering virtual learning on June 8.

According to their lawyer, Kiragu Kimani, when the court issued the initial order, their views were not considered yet their children are enrolled in the institution.

They claimed that the dissatisfied parents’ views were their own since not everyone is unhappy with the online classes.

Brookhouse School has welcomed the court decision and the faction of parents backing its resolve to continue offering classes online during the pandemic.

“The most urgent issue to be resolved was to present the case for a re-introduction of virtual learning for younger children. This was a key focus for the Brookhouse and DPGT legal teams, knowing the negative impact this has had on 313 of its children in Kindergarten to Year 4. Following discussions between the advocates, a Consent Order was granted to allow virtual classes for Kindergarten to Year 4 to resume. We are delighted with this outcome,” the school said in a statement.

The main petition by the parents opposed to payment of full school fees is scheduled for June 8.

In the case filed via lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, the section of parents sued Brookhouse School for charging full term fees for their children who are learning online from home.