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Brown Mauzo breaks silence following split with Vera Sidika

Singer Brown Mauzo has finally spoken up following the recent turmoil surrounding his relationship with socialite Vera Sidika.

On his Instagram page, Mauzo shared a heartfelt message, expressing gratitude for their newborn son shortly after Vera’s announcement.

In the post, Mauzo tagged his partner and their children, accompanied by a caption that conveyed his appreciation for the precious gift.

“I am extremely thankful for the special gift God has blessed us with. We love you, having blessed us wholesomely. Life is beautiful with you, my boy @prince_icebrown. You have added our life with bliss and beautiful moments. Thankful for God,” he wrote.

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In another post, Mauzo expressed gratitude to Almighty Allah, acknowledging the arrival of their adorable baby boy, @prince_icebrown, and tagging Vera.

However, Vera did not mention Mauzo or tag him in any of her posts, leading to speculation about the state of their relationship.

Vera also removed the title “wife” from her social media bio, choosing to retain her designation as a reality TV star.

She also unfollowed Mauzo and deleted several shared photos from her profile.

The couple has remained silent about their relationship and has refrained from sharing any details online.

Vera recently addressed speculations about her involvement in breakup publicity stunts over the past five years, asserting that she has never resorted to such tactics.

In a statement released on May 24, she emphasized her preference for unique ideas when it comes to seeking attention, making it clear that the recent situation is not one of those instances.

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Vera expressed her frustration, urging others to stop insinuating clout chasing.

She emphasized that not everything in life revolves around seeking attention and popularity.

Describing the situation as a recurring theme, Vera stated that it is either they have broken up or not, or they have experienced temporary separations followed by resolution.

She criticized the trend of creating breakup scenarios solely for clout, considering it childish and exhausting.

In an earlier post, Vera Sidika’s Instagram Stories shed some light on her perspective, discussing reasons why women choose to end relationships.

The post highlighted the significance of repeated mistakes as a major factor, stating that while a single mistake might not prompt a woman to leave, a pattern of such behavior becomes a breaking point.

The message further suggested that women often prefer working on resolving issues with their partner rather than starting anew with someone else.

As of now, neither Vera nor Mauzo have addressed the status of their relationship publicly. However, Vera has assured her fans that she is back on social media and will provide updates about her life.

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