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Brown Mauzo’s ex-wife Fatima opens up on their failed marriage

In a tale of love, heartbreak, and unexpected encounters, Fatima Idha, the former wife of musician Brown Mauzo, has shared her side of the story.

The couple, once legally married but now divorced, went their separate ways, and in 2020, Brown Mauzo found himself in the arms of his current partner, Vera Sidika. The two now share two children.

Fatima, who is ever active on social media, has faced numerous inquiries about her daughter’s father.

In response, she made it clear that Brown Mauzo was not worth discussing.

During a live session on Instagram, Fatima boldly stated, “I don’t go back to old sh*t,” emphasizing her determination to move forward.

Addressing those questioning her daughter’s paternity, Fatima firmly asserted her role as the father figure in her child’s life.

“Some things are not worth answering. I am the father,” she confidently declared.

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She threw shade at Brown Mauzo, saying she must drag his name online to get child support.

“He does not support her unless I write a paragraph. I get KSh 1,500 some months, and also, two months ago, after threats, is when he decided to buy her clothes,” Fatima said.

Fatima dropped a bombshell when asked about the last time Brown Mauzo saw their daughter. She disclosed that he reluctantly saw her two months prior, only after she insisted because their daughter yearned to see her “papa.”

Speaking about moving on and dating, Fatima said she is not ready to enter a relationship with a married man, even though polygamy is permitted in Islam.

She shared her aversion to the complications that often accompany such entanglements.

“I am single, and I would never want to date a married man because there is stupidity I cannot handle,” she stated unequivocally.

The mother of one also revealed her struggles with relationships, confessing that she easily falls in love and often finds herself hurt and taken advantage of.

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She lamented the lack of reciprocation in love from men, expressing her desire for multiple companions but acknowledging its impossibility.

“I don’t cheat when in a relationship. I stay loyal to my man, but now I want multiple guys I can talk to and go out with, but it’s impossible. I am always stupid in love,” she candidly shared.

Learning from her experiences, Fatima vowed never to invest her time and resources into relationships again.

She expressed her newfound wisdom, asserting that she had learned her lesson.

“Don’t come in my inbox if you are poor or broke because I’m not spending on you,” she warned potential suitors, underlining her self-reliance.

Fatima recounted a particularly memorable and awkward dating experience when she unknowingly went on a dinner date with a married man, only for his wife to confront them.

Despite the uncomfortable situation, Fatima cleverly improvised, pretending it was a business meeting. Once she reached home, she promptly blocked the deceitful man.

Notably, Brown Mauzo has faced criticism in the past for his alleged negligence as a father. Fatima responded to questions regarding his support for their daughter, revealing that he only provides assistance when prompted and under specific conditions.

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