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Building that developed cracks is ‘safe’, engineers say

Engineers who were called to investigate a building located along the Eastern Bypass which developed cracks now say that there is no need for the tenants to worry.

Mr John Kamau, who is the Ruiru Sub-County engineer, said the cracks in the apartment known as Deep East Apartments were minimal and did not pose any dangers to the tenants.

“We already inspected the building that has a capacity of housing over 100 tenants and there is no need of panic at least for now,” he said.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 9, 2023, there was panic among the tenants of the apartment after the cracks developed, with some of the tenants hastily vacating the building.

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Photos of the cracks and word that some doors were neither opening nor closing went round on social media.

Tenants who spoke to the media said the building developed the cracks on Monday evening.

Vincent Mwangi, a tenant, said immediately he noticed that the cracks were enlarging he made the decision to move out.

“The cracks developed on Monday and some tenants made the decision to immediately vacate the house. I am part of those who made the decision,” he said.

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According to Mr Joseph Ntwiga who is the area chief, a number of people surrounded the building on the afternoon of Tuesday as they tried to see the cracked areas in the multi-million property.

“I immediately reached out to the county engineers who told us that there was no need of panicking as the building is still safe,” he said.

This year, Kiambu County has been hit by such cases where people have been forced to vacate their rented apartments due to cracks emerging in the buildings.

In mid-April, 200 families occupying a rental house of four-storey buildings in Thindigua Village, Kiambu Town were ordered to move out with immediate effect.

The rental houses were built and completed in 2014. After a downpour two weeks ago, pillars supporting one the houses started to cave in.

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