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Bullying in schools: Kenyans recall horror in the hands of school prefects

The reported case of bullying at Nairobi School that has left a Form Two student in need of surgery has  prompted netizens to shared their experiences in the hands of bullies.

According to most tweets, the bullies were mainly school prefects.

“I remember back in my high school, some prefects had taken over the role of teachers to punish us. When I even remember that our Head Boy then had a fellow prefect as a “Bodyguard”, Magoti zinaisha nguvu. Anyweiz, the media should do a “Wako wapi” for us. “Nairobi School,” tweeted ‏ @KenyanHorn

@FrankMathenge commented; “The story of NAIROBI school reminds me of my Form One year. It was safer to be caught misbehaving by the principal than the school captain.

“Why do teachers give so much power to prefect?! Nikiwa high school we once went to Alliance for a funkie. Yaani students were more scared of prefect than teachers! This must stop Nairobi School, WE WANT ANSWERS!,” @GichanaWaithira posted

@Denogrant_added; “ Prefects have a tendency to bully students. Especially DH captains walikuwa wanatupiga sana. I am wondering whether they opened five-star hotels. Nairobi school saga is one sad story amongst many others.”

“Back in the days, those prefects used a jembe stick to whoop me and it was norrmalized. The incident in Nairobi School is a perfect example the administration knows these shit happens,” @Vik_Jakabuoch mentioned.

@Joseykariuki048 tweeted; “ The Nairobi school incident reminds me of my days back in Mang’u high. Prefects had so much power and used to tolerize students. I was once whipped by over 4 prefects while doing press-ups for having a sweaty shirt. I Cried the whole night and I still got the list of their names.”

“ Let’s not pretend. This kind of crap had been going on for a very very long time. It is rampant in bits boarding schools. I remember in my time (not Nairobi School) the prefects room also had the ominous title of “Combustion Chamber”. Woe unto you if you ended up there at night!” @manuotieno commented.

According to a 2017 report by World Health Organization, Kenya was ranked among countries with the highest level of bullying.

At the national level, bullying in schools in Kenya stands at 57 per cent for students who are bullied on one or more days in a month.

But whereas in most parts of the country, the prevalence of bullying is almost equal to that at the national level, in western Kenya, the percentage of students bullied on one or more days in a month is about 66 per cent.